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Tai Chi New Zealand Robert Gemmell


Report by Robert Gemmell. Article courtesy of Insights Into Martial Arts Magazine

It’s nearly fifteen years since the 19th generation Chen Tai Chi Master Chen Xiao Wang visited New Zealand. However old news is what martial artists are interested in, even if it is our own history.

Chen Xiao Wang was met at Auckland Airport by members of the Shaolin Chuan Fa Association led by Robert Gemmell. Also in the welcoming party was Kevin Rose of Hamilton. Kevin acted as interpreter at the S.C.F Seminars held in Auckland and Wellington. Seminar got underway, the venue, Glenfield Shaolin Chuan Fa Centre. Grand Master Chen Xiao Wang gave a talk on the historical record of Chen Family Tai Chi. This was followed by an explanation of Yin and Yang and how it relates to Chi and the body.

Norm Palmer, Kevin Rose,
Chen Xiao Wang ,
Robert Gemmell, Mike Ryan.

Pictured at the Glenfield Kempo and Tai Chi Centre Auckland.



A considerably long part of the morning’s event was dedicated to the importance of alignment of the body. Students split into pairs and systematically were guided through the alignment process.

CHAN SI JIN “SPIRALLING ENERGY”19th Generation Grand Master Chen Xiao Wang teaching chan si jin at Wellington

Chen Tai Chi specialises in the use of spiralling energy. Training of the waist, planting of the foot and correct hand positioning are all put into numerous sets that enhance the character of Chen Tai Chi.

19th Generation Grand Master Chen Xiao Wang teaching
Chan Si Jin at Wellington.(picture to the right)


Dining followed a stretched limo ride for the guest of honour around the sites of Auckland. If the flavour of the evening meal was Chinese then the presentation to Chen Xiao Wang was not. This was a pictorial book of New Zealand and its scenic landmarks.
On Sunday the packed hall of students were moved into the 38 Step Chen Form.
Chen Xiao Wang  Chen Form 13 doubleFor me, it was off to Wellington where we lost track of Grand Master Chen. He travelled with Kevin Rose to Hamilton where I understood Mr Chen gave Seminars there. This was followed by Wellington Seminars where Chen Xiao Wang stayed at my live in Martial Arts Centre Centre at Porirua. Few visitors at theTraining Centre would be as high ranking as Chen Xiao Wang. Another Seminar was given and before we knew it, the place was swamped by what appeared to be the entire Wellington Chinese Martial Arts Community. After discussions relating to Master Chen’s itinerary with local Chinese Instructors, a Seminar was held in Wellington for all the Chinese Martial Arts Association Members.

Students learning the Chen tai chi form


This was followed by a spell of personal training and cooking for Chen Xiao Wang at my home. A final National Seminar at one of S.C.F’s Lake Taupo venues and it was off to Hamilton once again for the final leg of Chen Xiao Wang's New Zealand stay. The visit of Chen Xiao Wang can now be viewed with hindsight, as a significant boost to the Tai Chi wing of S.C.F.(Parent body to Tai Chi New Zealand). No doubt many others also had the benefit of Chen Xiao Wang’s guidance whilst he was in NZ.

Robert Gemmell first trained with CHen Xia Wang during the eighties after a personal invitation to train with him in the Hunan Province of China.





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