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The Robert Gemmell Teaching system has been adopted at more than 100 separate locations throughout New Zealand. Also taught in Australia the system involves a balanced training programme according to level, age and fitness level.

The FIVE STEP LEARNING PROGRAMME allows for a new student to learn the forms in a modular process. Sitting down is the First Step. No difficult foot manoeuvres at this step. This is followed by stationary Standing Technique at which point the already learned forms are now prepared for advancement. Step Three includes the single stance training which is designed to develop strength and balance. The Fourth Step is to apply continuous stepping along a linear forward direction or stepping sideways. After this grounding which has proven very successful, particularly with elderly people the student is ready to learn the traditional or Modified Long or Short Forms.


All levels are incorporated in a separate programme according to advancement. The difference between merely having a Syllabus and a Programme is that the programmes have the capacity to be individualised. Learning speed is a joint decision between student and teacher.

Technique Evaluation

All forms and techniques are carefully evaluated through the Programme being used. Once completed another Programme is established. Typical of any learning facility, graduation is the evidence of a successful curriculum.

We, the Instructors of Robert Gemmell Tai Chi New Zealand, take pride in goal achievement. A record number of students aging up to ninety years old find enjoyment and health benefits through their TCNZ practise.




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