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Getting Started with a Branch of this highly successful programme is achievable through out "Insights" Training Centre in Picton. This is a 10,000 sq.ft training facility that houses our Head Office Publishing Supplies facility.

A range of Instructor Level Programmes are run at the "Insights" Centre in Picton. While we do travel out to Branches for ongoing upgrading of skills we prefer that you take a few hours off to attend a Starter Course here.

Full Training will be given and this is usually one on one with Robert Gemmell, the School Principal. Alternatively you could (upon application to our Head Office) visit one of our main Centres in Auckland, Wellington, Tauranga, Dargaville, or Picton.

Tai Chi New Zealand utilises one of the world's leading Instructor Qualification Frameworks. This defines Instructors through Five Levels, Assistant through to Teacher.

You can learn the Art while at the same time accumulating valuable hours towards each Instructor level.


Please apply using the Question Box at the front of the Website. Be sure to include all details relevant to your experience, interest, or group.

For more information on S.C.F. (the Shaolin Chuan Fa Association of New Zealand, parent body of Tai Chi New Zealand) see





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