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Tai Chi New Zealand Robert Gemmell


Robert Gemmell Tai Chi New Zealand has developed a Modified Tai Chi Programme as a part of an ACC Falls Prevention programme. Medical research has supported the claim that Tai Chi when practised weekly can reduce the risk of falling by up to eighty percent. Targeting the sixty five plus age group, the ACC programme has identified Tai Chi as beneficial to the "Stay on your Feet" campaign.

Falling has become a major cause of death in elderly people. Strength and balance quickly develops with Tai Chi practise. Robert Gemmell, one of New Zealand's leading Martial Arts Masters learned Tai Chi in China where he returns on a regular basis. (Most recent visit December 2005)."Traditional Tai Chi", he says "is wonderful for those able enough to do it." Robert has thousands of students throughout the South Pacific region practising both traditional and modified Tai Chi.

Many elderly people are enrolling in his classes around the country as a result of the modifications that he has introduced. Whereas some Tai Chi programmes exclude people because they may suffer from a disability, Robert believes that anyone can do Tai Chi regardless of age or fitness level. It is recommended however that people interested in Tai Chi first check with their medical adviser as to their suitability for Tai Chi practise.

Robert's modified forms are based upon traditional Tai Chi and offer the older students an opportunity to do Tai Chi where otherwise they might not. Modified Tai Chi is a gentle exercise which delivers a subtle but effective fitness programme for the elderly. The Robert Gemmell Teaching System uses a FIVE STEP METHOD. Each step builds on the previous stage from sitting to walking with Tai Chi forms.

Robert Gemmell Tai Chi New Zealand classes operate in Auckland, Waikato, Wellington, Marlborough and Christchurch region.


  • Head Office – E-mail []
  • Robert Gemmell – National Training Director
  • Mary Davey – National Administration Director
  • Wellington Tel. 04 2375 255– Paul Verrall – Wellington
  • Auckland - Quintin Derham 09 376 2355 Auckland Programme Manager
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